frequent questions

Here are some of the very sensible (and sometimes silly) things we have been asked...

Do we have a shop?

No, not a 'real' one you can walk round. You can buy our creations online on this web site.

Is it safe for a lamp to be made of metal?

Many domestic appliances are made of metal and it is perfectly safe (just have a look at your washing machine).

We ensure all our wiring is properly insulated and that all our creations that use electricity are earthed at several points. As with any metal appliance it is recommend to use plugs and sockets with an earth, which is standard in the U.K. and many other countries.

Why are your switches upside down?

Hmmm, that's a good one. The simple answer is we don't know. It seems to vary from country to country as to which is direction is on and which is off.

All toggle switches seem to be this way (up = on, down = off). The best reason we have found so far is that it is a hold over from when these switches were used in aircraft. If you actually know, contact us.

Do you create commercial installations?

Yes, we love them. Please ask us to come and see what you are up to and to quote for a funky design.

Are you importing your designs from China?

Nope, rural Dorset all the way! We source everything we can from the UK.

Do you ship abroad?

We do. Please contact us for our rates.

Can I stock your products?

Possibly. Come and talk to us.

I've got this great idea, can you help me?

Yes we can. Please contact us to talk about your idea.

Why are there some threads showing on the pipes? Can't you do them up tightly?

The reason that some of the threads don't look fully tightened is that they are taper (as opposed to parallel) threaded. To have them fully 'wound in' would undoubtedly split the castings.

Rest assured that all the joints in our pipe work are seriously tight!

I found some old iron work, can you make it into something truly unique and cool?

It can depend on exactly what it is you have found, but on the whole, with a bit of ingenuity and some good old fashioned engineering we can make most things into something else.