what sets us apart?

A lot of care and design has gone into making our designs.

Here is an insight into how much work, research and thought goes into what we do.

The process

  • All the pipework is thoroughly cleaned and dried. This may sound easy, but iron pipe is pretty filthy stuff, whether old or new.
  • As most of out work is bespoke, each new design is meticulously planned before we commit to pipe. This ensures everything fits and we can ensure it works aesthetically.
  • All the bespoke parts are machined in our own workshop.
  • The pipework is assembled. Special jigs and tooling ensure the joints are straight and level.
  • Graphite finished items start a two day finishing process.
  • Any wiring switches, and internal components are fitted.
  • Each item is individually tested, this is particularly important for designs with electrical components and moving parts.

Our lamps stand out from the crowd

We have high standards of workmanship, focusing on producing a high quality product.

Our lamps are built in the U.K to high specifications of finish and safety.

  • We use C.E. compliant components.
  • We fit cable strain grommets as standard on all our lamps. Lamps are heavy and strains to wiring from accidental damage (e.g. a lamp being knocked off a table) is lessened.
  • All wiring is double insulated.
  • All components are rated well above our guidelines and our components are heavy duty and designed for 240v mains voltages.
  • Lamps are triple earthed. We don't reply on a single earthing point.